Episode 04: The myths of the chemical imbalance and the chemical cure for psychiatric disorders

Professor of Critical and Social Psychiatry at University College London, Joanna Moncrieff, is co-founder of the Critical Psychiatry Network based in the UK and has advocated for far less use of psychiatric drugs for decades, in scientific articles and books. In this episode, Peter C Gøtzsche discusses with Professor Joanna Moncrieff what critical psychiatry is about; why psychiatric drugs are much overused and based on false premises; and how the disease centred and the drug centred model for psychiatric drugs can help explain the predicament we are in. Documentation: Moncrieff J. The bitterest pills: the troubling story of antipsychotic drugs. Palgrave Macmillan;...

Episode 03: Vaccines, a complicated area. Some decrease total mortality, some increase it, and COVID-19 vaccines are overused

Professor Christine Stabel Benn, Southern University in Denmark, has published ground-breaking field studies about vaccines with her husband, Professor Peter Aaby. In this episode, Peter C Gøtzsche discusses with Professor Christine Stabell Benn the research that has shown that live, attenuated vaccines reduce total mortality by much more than their specific effects would predict; that non-live vaccines increase total mortality; that the order in which the vaccines are given is important for mortality; what the harms are of the COVID-19 vaccines; and why they are overused. Documentation: Benn CS, Fisker AB, Rieckmann A, et al. Vaccinology: time to change the paradigm? Lancet...

Episode 02: The harmful effects of lockdowns, facemask mandates, censorship, and scientific dishonesty

Professor Martin Kulldoff from Harvard University (currently on leave) is one of the authors of The Great Barrington Declaration that warned against lockdowns and recommended focused protection. In this episode, Peter C Gøtzsche discusses with Professor Martin Kulldorff what went wrong during the COVID-19 pandemic and how we could do better in future pandemics. Kulldorff’s home country, Sweden, did not lock down and did not recommend facemasks, yet coped much better with the COVID-19 pandemic than most other countries in terms of mortality, the most important outcome. Documentation: Kulldorff M, Gupta S, Bhattacharya J. Great Barrington Declaration. 2020; Oct 4. Gøtzsche PC. Vaccines:...

Dr. Peter C Gøtzsche

We have a broken medical system. What documents this better than anything else is that our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. This would not be the case if drug regulators protected us against ineffective and harmful drugs. Furthermore, drug research in medical journals is often unreliable and doctors prescribe far too many drugs. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated seriously the already existing scientific censorship, which has also been harmful.