Episode 01: Big pharma, the corruption of science, and millions of unnecessary deaths

Episode 1


Professor Peter C Gøtzsche is a medical researcher who co-founded the Cochrane Collaboration in 1993 and was expelled from it after a show trial. He has published over 100 articles in the “big five” medical journals and several books about the corruption of science.

In this episode, filmmaker Janus Bang interviews Professor emeritus Peter C Gøtzsche who explains that big pharma’s business model is organised crime; that our drugs are the third leading cause of death; that drug approval is a broken system that protects the drug industry rather than the patients; that many deaths are missing in published reports; that The Cochrane Collaboration, once a trusted scientific organisation, employed the wrong man as CEO in 2012 who destroyed the organisation and expelled one of its most respected scientists because of his criticism of psychiatry after a secret show trial; that censorship in medical publishing has increased; that Cochrane threw the researcher that showed facemasks don’t work under the bus; and why Cochrane now seems to be a slowly dying institution.


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Helle Lengsholm
Helle Lengsholm
6 months ago

Amazing podcast!! Honesty, integrety and freedom to speek and publish science.

Simon Vester Christensen
Simon Vester Christensen
5 months ago

I’ve read most of Peter’s books and they are of very high quality as well as being extremely useful. The knowledge I have gained has saved my daughter from depression pills. Six months after being told she was suicidal, she now feels happy and relaxed, because I helped her getting the right help and not some stupid pill. Peter’s work is worth my daughter’s life, so thank you so much Peter!